A2E invests in selective wave soldering equipment(Jan 2021)

A2E continues its regular investments policy and have selected the company Kurtz ERSA  to provide a wave soldering equipment.

Our final choice is on ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/35 Elite, which will be a good addition to our already large panel of production equipment allowing us to be in line with all current market needs.

A2E renew its ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications(Jul 2018)

A2E just renewed its ISO certificates

 ISO9001 / 2015 version and ISO13485 / 2016 version.

This important step confirms our commitment for customer satisfaction and continuous improvment.

A2E obtains french Agreement for CRÉDIT IMPÔT INNOVATION(Aug 2017)

A2E gets the agreement from the government for Innovation Tax refund program for 2017 to 2021

A2E invests in a conformal coating automated line(Dec 2016)

Automated Coating Line

A2E continues to invest and has installed a brand new varnishing line for the protection of the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.

A2E acquires an additional SMT line(Sep 2015)

SMT placement machine MYCRONIC MY100.

Following a strong investment policy, A2E bought a new SMT assembly line.

The choice was made to buy highly flexible equipments and especially a SMTplacement machine MYCRONIC MY100.