A2E is your partner of choice in all your electronics design projects, from technical specification to industrialization for a smooth and optimized transition to mass production.

Mechanical design:

  • Metal Sheet and plastics enclosures/boxes design
  • Plastic injection molds qualification and technical follow up
  • Electronics/mechanics integration

Electronics design:

  • Schematics
  • CAD PCB Layout
  • Digital and analog electronic design
  • Embedded software
  • Test solutions


  • CE certification,
  • Other certificates according to projects


  • Design For Manufacturing ,
  • Design and qualification of production tooling
  • Design and qualification of test equipment
  • Production lines setup
LED SMI pcba
LED SMI pcba

Know how

Our engineering team designs electronic products in a wide range of applications, as for example:

  • Micro processor / micro controller based CPUs
  • Portative products running on batteries (Li-ion / LiPo) with charging management
  • LED Lighting products
  • Radio products (433Mhz ; 868 Mhz ; Wifi ; BlueTooth ; Zigbee ; RFID ; etc…)
  • Connected products (Iot)
  • Man/Machine interface with touchscreens
  • Induction charging
  • Analog boards
  • Embedded software (C, C++,C# , java,assembler)

We are at your disposal for your design projects.